The Bridge of Breasts in Venice

This Venetian Bridge, also known as the Tit Bridge, or Ponte Tette, was known in 15th century Venice as the bridge that tried turning homosexual men into heterosexual men. Back in the day, the Council of Venice was shocked to learn that not all prostitutes were women, and that the red light districts were centers of homosexual as well as heterosexual sex.

The Council came up with a solution for this. They asked the courtesans to stand on the bridge with their tits exposed in order to prove they weren't male prostitutes in drag. Hail the free titty !

And to take this bridge full of breasts a step further, some brilliant scholar felt that this Tit Bridge would entice homosexual men to change teams. The courtesans were paid to stand on it topless and once they enticed a gay man into their web, they would force him into vigorous heterosexual intercourse. As we all can imagine, this type of conversion therapy did not work so well and there are no records to document its success rate.

If I was a gay man during this time, I would have just used a different bridge.

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