Searching for George Clooney

I've never been to the Lake Como region and have only heard about its breathtaking views, fresh air, water and mountains. It's also home to George Clooney.

This could mean only one was time for a road trip to Lake Como.

Mike and I arrived on an overcast and rainy Monday. The hotel we had chosen for 2 nights was

Il Sereno in Torno.

It was voted in Conde Nast's Hot List for 2017 Luxurious New Hotels in Europe. It definitely lived up to its accolades.

We were given a room overlooking Lake Como, with a terrace and a lounge that was calling out to me for a nap.

I casually asked our server at lunch where George Clooney lives. I wouldn't want him to think I was some crazed stalker.

He and Amal own a home across the lake in an eighteenth century villa in the beautiful little village of Laglio. He has become a regular here at Lake Como and the locals love him, mostly because he has no airs and graces and loves to frequent less expensive restaurants.

Gotta love 'the Clooney'.

George's home in Laglio

According to locals, George has installed an egg-throwing machine in the garden in order to dispatch missiles at any boats that dare get too close, especially those with photographers on board.

This deserves a visit by boat...perhaps I could get an egg launched at me from George's property.

Now that sounds fun !

The next day, we took one of the hotel's Riva boats on a tour of the lake and get a glimpse of George's home.

Sadly, the shutters were closed and there was no movement on the property and certainly no flying eggs to be had.

We enjoyed some Prosecco and crackers, while watching the sun go down over the mountains of Switzerland.

One of George's favorite restaurants is Il Gatto Nero restaurant, where he has his own table. We asked the concierge at our hotel to make us a reservation there and request Clooney's table if he's not using it. By this point, the hotel must think I've lost a few marbles.

The restaurant has a panoramic view of Lake Como and the village of Cernobbio. You must navigate winding roads with hairpin turns to get there and if you are lucky, find a parking spot. Thankfully our little Fiat can fit into the smallest crevice. We were given a lovely table by the window, though I was told George's table is downstairs where it is quieter. I prefer to be upstairs where the better people watching is.

Il Gatto Nero Restaurant

The food was ok, I had better Veal Milanese in Milan. When I questioned the waiter about his forgetting to bring our cauliflower as a side dish, he casually said they ran out. Normally, most servers would ask if you would prefer another vegetable...oh well.

The view made it worthwhile to have risked our lives driving there and eating a so-so meal with no vegetables.

And the fact that we didn't see George while in Lake Como was ok too. Because I don't think George wants to be found while he's here.

The beauty and peaceful surroundings of this region made our road trip a highlight in my book. We will definitely be back.

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