My Highlights of Living in Cortona

1. Riding my bicycle past a local winery and watching the grapes grow.

2. Knowing what time it is by hearing the church bells ringing at Chiesa Montecchio near my home.

3. Listening to some blues music at the Trasimeno Blues Festival in a Medieval Castle in Castiglione de Lago. A very cool venue.

4. Drinking 3 bottles of local wine and not having a hangover the next morning.

5. Going to Bar Cristallo in Camucia for aperitivo and enjoying their complimentary buffet with my Aperol Spritz. who needs dinner ?

6. Visiting the Antique Market in Arezzo the first weekend of every month. One of the best in Europe.

So far, I've bought a cowhide chair and a cow painting. I'm sensing a theme here.

7. Knowing on Thursday, I can always get fresh fruit and vegetables at the market in Camucia...or underwear, socks or a porchetta (roasted pig) sandwich.

8. Arriving at the Penny Market in Bettole at noon and waiting for the panini to be made with fresh focaccia bread.

9. When I get tired of eating pasta, I walk my dogs in Parterre Park and eat sushi outside at Umami Ristorante.

10. Never getting my car washed. Who cares, I live on a farm.

11. Having friends and family visit from the States, fall in love with Cortona and not want to leave.

12. Meeting Frances Mayes, author of 'Under the Tuscan Sun'.

13. Convincing a sweet 11 yr. old boy in a wheelchair to dance with me at the Sagra.

14. Painting my first masterpiece, 'Girasole'. Just call me Nan Gogh.

15. Knowing that any night of the week in the summertime, a local village will be putting on a Sagra to enjoy. If only I could dance like the locals.

16. If I can't sleep at midnight, I can hang out with these guys downtown.

17. Meeting people all over the world with a common bond, our mutual love of Cortona.

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