Loving My Bidet

I am not sure why bidets are not as embraced in the US as they are in other parts of the world. Frankly, I was quite excited I had 2, one in each bathroom. The bidet allure is a mystery for Americans and their popularity has not quite caught on. They seem to be a luxury item we enjoy while traveling yet are not ready to embrace at home. People here in Italy don't discuss their bidets or what they are used for.....certainly not a topic for a dinner conversation.

Because we all know what it's meant for.

Though this made me start thinking that if it had different uses , perhaps it would be more acceptable to discuss at parties. Because it takes up a good portion of my bathroom, it should justify its space with more practical uses on a daily basis. Maybe Americans may look at the bidet in a whole new light.

For instance...

When my dog comes in from playing in the mud, a quick paw clean.

To store my fresh fish, before they are cooked on the grill.

If only I had a grill.

An ice bucket for a party, if I ever have a party.

Soak my paws after a long day of sightseeing.

Give Stella a much needed bath or just have her sit and look cute.

Wash my friends hair for no apparent reason.

Or my very hairy Barbie dolls.

Or just make a decorating statement with this orchid, and submit to House and Garden Magazine.


The more I think about it, having 2 bidets is a bit excessive when I am in desperate need of space in my bathroom. I am giving up a lot for this little dry toilet. I could put in a whirlpool bathtub or a walk-in glass shower.

Or most importantly, a clothes dryer. Why does every bathroom need a bidet ?

I'll be thinking of that when I drag my wet clothes out to the backyard to hang up and dry...and pass by my orchid sitting in the bidet.

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