Daughters in Tuscany

My daughters, Lexi and KC arrived for a 2 week visit. Lexi had spent a semester studying photography in Florence 2 years ago though KC had never been to Italy.

Seeing my Tuscany through their eyes was heartwarming and of course, amusing....

While hiking up to Santa Margherita Church at the top of Cortona one morning, to give them a little incentive, I shouted out "We're almost there, Margherita, we're coming."

Which made Lexi stop and ask " Wait, there are margaritas up there ?"

yes Lexi, the Cortonese have erected a Tiki Bar outside their most beloved church and now serve margaritas. wishful thinking.

Walking little Stella through Piazza Republicca one morning, an elderly woman stopped and asked KC, 'Posso?"

meaning Can I pet her ?

KC's response. "No, she's a Shih tzu."

Making Pici pasta in Chef Ryan's cooking class. He is an amazing chef and teacher though couldn't keep my girls from making a few mistakes ... Adding too much water to the flour too soon...oh well.

Visiting the Fortress of the Lion Castle in Castiglione de Lago. This covered corridor connects the castle to the Palazzo della Corgna, a swanky residence of the Corgna family who ruled from 1563 to 1647. No, KC is not posing, she always stands like this.

Perhaps we need to cut out the drinking at lunch.

Practicing yoga overlooking Cortona. I'm not sure what this pose is called.

Waving Tiger?

Being a vegetarian in Italy has its challenges, especially when you ask for your pasta with no cheese. That is sacrilegious here.

Taking the motor scooter into Cortona for cappuccino....or so I thought until I saw their Snapchat drinking a beer. Busted.

Channeling Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

Perhaps Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music

Florence . Biking . Rain . Tourists . Traffic . Are we having fun yet ?

Il Porcellino, as the Italians call him, means “the little pig”. However the bronze porker fountain sitting at the side of the Mercato Nuovo in Florence, is really a wild boar, or a cinghiale in Italian. He supposedly brings good luck when visitors rub his snout and put a coin in his mouth. KC wished for it to stop raining.

Having my daughters here for 2 weeks was a real eye opener for me. They are not little kids anymore. They have their own personalities, their own likes and dislikes, their own opinions and passions. And they don't always agree with mine. The outings I planned for them while they were here were not met with the same excitement as I had imagined they might....during a 3 1/2 hour bike tour of Rome, KC decided at the 3 hour mark she was done..she was tired, her legs hurt and no amount of gelato was going to console her. She does not like big cities, with traffic, noise and congestion and much preferred the peacefulness of Tuscany. Lexi, on the other hand, is a vegetarian. She could not find anything on the menu in restaurants that she wanted to eat. So for 2 weeks, she ate bean and vegetable soup or plain pasta with tomato sauce every night for dinner.

The last night we spoke about their favorite and least favorite moments in Tuscany.


Loved visiting the Academia Gallery in Florence with our amazing guide, Matt, sitting under the rose pergola in the backyard, and the mineral baths in Terme Rapolano.

Not so much: spiders, the dead baby bird in the backyard, biking in Rome.


Loved taking the motorscooter up to Cortona on her own, drinking prosecco and meeting my friends.

Not so much: spiders, walking around Florence in wet sneakers all day. What we all agreed on was the gelato... a lot of gelato. Every day, every night, sometimes 3 times a day gelato. There was no gelato we didn't love. So perhaps my carefully planned activities and restaurants did not go as planned. At least we had our gelato to fall back on.

Safe travels my sweet girls...

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