Italian Laundry Hanging 101

Clearly, this is not the way your laundry is supposed to look after a morning in the sun in Tuscany. It took me a couple weeks before I even tried to do a load of wash...Frankly I was scared of the washing machine, but I was even more scared at not having a clothes dryer. My fluffy towels from the US will never look or feel the same again. Instead of using the soft piles of fabric on my face I would be able to use them as a dry loofah on my body. Don't get me wrong, this will have it's benefits too... My skin will feel silky smooth after I slough off a couple layers.

And think of all the money I will save by not buying Snuggle dryer sheets...

Thank god I have bushes around my backyard to hide this sad clothes rack from the neighbors. It's a sure give away that I am not Italian. There must be a course in school here to teach young children the proper way to hang their clothes on racks and clothes lines.

Because this is the way it's supposed to look ...

To all moms..sending you love on Mothers Day...

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