The Antique Market in Arezzo

This Antique Market takes place the first weekend of every month in Arezzo, one of the great Etruscan and Roman cities in Tuscany.

Over 500 vendors from around Italy sell their goods at this can find everything from serious antiques to fun collectibles.

This sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday...

"Stella, wake up...we're going on a road trip ! "

Unfortunately, I had to park far away from the market...this is going to limit what I can buy...why the hell did I bring Stella ?

I love the oil painting- is it a famous artist ? Can it fit in my Smart Car ? Can I hire a porter to carry it?

Everything looks so good on this red tablecloth...I wonder if they will sell me the tablecloth ?

I want one of these chandeliers for my kitchen....difficult decision...Do I want the kitchen to look rustic, elegant or 1950's retro? What if it doesn't work, can I bring it back - what's the return policy ?

These chairs would be perfect if I had a formal sitting room. I wonder if they would mind if I put Stella down for a nap and come back in a half hour. Dragging her around is really slowing me down.

I love these cows..they would look perfect in my farmhouse. OMG- they don't take credit cards..where is an ATM ? Forget it..I haven't even seen a cow in Cortona. My meter must be up by now...Where's Stella?

"There you are, good girl, we're going home...until next month. "

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