Take Me To Cortona

My shipping container heading to the port for its transatlantic voyage.

I'm still in Laguna Beach. If I don't get my Visa soon, I'm going to rename my blog 'Stella and Nancy's Adventures in SoCal '.

It looks like my shipping container will arrive in Cortona before me....way before me.

Sadly, my Vespa did not make the trip. I was told it may not clear customs in Italy and possibly delay my container from being delivered. I'm not sure why I even considered bringing it in the first place. I mean it's not like they don't have Vespas in Italy. It would be like bringing pasta or olive oil to the mother land.

So now I wait for the elusive Visa that will allow me to stay in Italy for more than 3 months.

In the meantime, I spend countless hours on Rosetta Stone trying to learn Italian for when I eventually get there. I am convinced I have LDD, Language Deficit Disorder, which in my book, is similar to ADD. My attention span is that of a flea, and trying to master a new language at 51 is a challenge. Perhaps it will help to have an actual person to speak Italian to... having dogs stare at you expressionless while you speak to them in a foreign language is very unmotivating and frankly quite depressing.

It makes me wonder why I am making this move in the first place and leaving behind my friends, family and comforts of life in the US to move to a foreign country where I know only one person, my realtor Alison. I imagine my family thinks I have lost my mind and are planning an intervention at any moment. I expect to come home one day and find everyone sitting in a circle in my living room and telling me how much they love me and how they want me to consider getting help.

Is there even a hospital to treat grieving women with no direction who make impulsive decisions ?

My friends are having a Going Away Party for me in a couple weeks. I am sure there will be many tearful goodbyes and heartfelt good wishes. Though seeing I don't know when I'm actually leaving, this could be a bit awkward. After the party, do I just pretend I have left and don't return their phone calls.

What if they see me food shopping at Ralphs ?

I could always photoshop my face on to some photos of Tuscany and post on my Facebook page. My friends would think I am living La Dolce Vita, while in reality, I am sitting in in my rental home in Laguna Beach speaking Italian to the neighborhood dogs.

Tu hai fame? Giochiamo! Mangiamo! Chi vuole un biscotto?


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