My Phone Conversation with the Italian Consulate in LA

March 28, 2016



Me:   Hi, I  came into your office on January 11 to apply for an Elective Residence Visa for Italy.          

Her: No, we don't take walk ins.

Me:  Oh I know, I had an appointment. I am just following up to check the status of my application.

Her: You have to wait and we will contact you.

Me:  I know, I have been waiting 3 months and I received a letter from Ms. M requesting more documents, which I promptly mailed out. May I speak to her ? 

Her: She's with the public and can't speak to you.

Me:  Can you ask her if she received    the documents I mailed her 2 weeks ago.

Her: Ma'am, we have thousands of applications here, I can't help you.

Me:  I have a flight booked to Italy in a few weeks and cannot leave without a  Visa.

Her:  We can't guarantee when you will receive it.

Me: But you needed to see my booked flight for the Visa application, so now  what do I do ?

Her: I can't help you.

Me:   When can I speak with Ms. M ?

Her:  Call back tomorrow.

The next day:  I call back in the morning. There is a voice recording saying the office is closed.

Me: Open the closest bottle of wine...







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