Through Stella's Eye

Leaving Laguna Beach....

I need a microchip implanted in my body....I am not sure why. The vet injected this sharp needle under my skin with some electronic device that's supposed to track me if I get lost. But we are going to if my mom loses me in Italy, some person that finds me needs to locate her California cell number through this tracking service in the US ?

It seems highly unlikely and let's hope we don't ever get to this point in our adventure. I mean, it's not like I'll be roaming the Tuscan countryside by myself. I really just want to lay on a couch in the morning sun. I'm not even sure why we are leaving Laguna Beach. I love it here. My friends; Daisy, Abby and Amos are here. My cousin Mindy and sister Chloe are here. I lost my eye here.

I bet in Cortona, I will meet dogs with names like Luigi, Biscotti or Bocci. And their bark will be more like an operatic whine. Whatever that is.

But like a good dog, I'll follow along. I don't have much choice. Just no more shots please.

very concerned,


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