Why would I EVER leave Laguna Beach ?

Table rock beach in Laguna

Tablerock Beach in Laguna Beach.

When I moved to Laguna Beach 6 years ago, I felt I had died and gone to heaven. The beaches are amazing, It's sunny every day. Everyone is weird and happy and probably stoned. But I was in love. And then I actually fell in love.

His name was Robert and he was the funniest person I had ever met.

I was in Laguna for 48 days before I met Robert. We married 3 years later, the same year I turned 50. It was going to be an epic year for me.

Though midway through that year, my male Golden Retriever, Puppy, attacked my little Shih Tzu, Stella, and her eye popped out. It was horrific. We had to give our beloved Puppy away and be forever reminded of that tragic day by our sweet one eyed Stella, my little pirate.

The next month, an even more horrific event happened. My dear husband, Robert passed away suddenly from Sepsis.

This was a year and a half ago.

Thoughout that time, I travelled around the world with Robert's ashes and wrote my memoir, 'Leaving New Jersey...With Four Females in a Stinky


I spent many days laying in a fetal position on my deck looking out at the Pacific Ocean. I stared at one palm tree for hours asking Robert's spirit to make it move and give me a sign he's with me still.

I spent even more time out drinking with friends and sharing stories of Robert. Alcohol was my friend. It was always there to comfort me when I needed it.

Laguna Beach is a grieving paradise. There are endless beaches and coves to spend solitary afternoons reading Self Help Books and canyons to hike until your muscles ache. This can all be drowned out at the plentiful happy hours around town. It's like being on vacation all year round.

Though, I must admit living in paradise is like the movie, Groundhog Day. Every day is the same. Beautiful and sunny. I longed for rainy days where I could stay in bed and read and be depressed under my blankets.

After a year and a half in my grieving hole, it was time to pick myself up, put on my courageous cape and go explore the world. I have Robert's memory tucked neatly in my heart and knowing he's with me in spirit, I'm ready to fly.

Laguna Beach...I'll be back...

But there's a vast culinary world out there that doesn't revolve around Taco Tuesday.

It's time for me to go find it...

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